About US

Our website which has been launched in 2020 and dealing with the Internet of things very extensively.

It is started this technology for being easier of living standards of the Lot’s users

Today there is a such a technology which has created in our homes, workplaces, streets and every moment of our lives

Lot technology tries to make your life easier through internet by using the products and devices that you use for.

It makes ready for the serve people in many other sectors such as food, health, agriculture, industry, smart cars, mobile phones, smart kitchen tools and furniture.

Who we are

About lot which is shortly described above in this sector that we are website to planning to give a free service which have been continiously aiming to provide correct and quality contents to the our users .

We will keep you inform concerning industry by sharing the correct information and presentations on time.


We follow new technologies and trends closely.

Our website will give you accurate information about the definition and use of iot technology.

We will keep you submited the development process and various iot products and services of many big companies that use iod products or try to instill this technology into their lives.

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