Samsung Artik IoT Platform

Developed by Samsung, the advanced Artik IoT Platform is a special system designed to ensure extremely safe, fast, and uninterrupted data flow. The system offers practical and functional solutions by integrating both hardware

Salesforce IoT Architecture Platform

The Salesforce IoT platform is a network of IoT developed objects that contribute to big data by transferring data from different devices connected to its system. In addition, one of the important features that distinguish the

Siemens Mindsphere IoT Platform

The Siemens Mindsphere IoT platform offers a solution for companies that have released all the technological equipment produced using the 4.0 vision to have IoT validity. This platform can be used by many companies thanks to its

How Effective IBM IoT Security?

The data storage, sharing, and transfer features of IBM IoT technologies are protected by a number of security protocols produced specifically for IoT technology. Serving its users through The Watson IoT ™ Platform, IBM has…

How Google IoT Devices Work in Houses?

Google provides fast, low-delay, and secure control of devices with IoT technology through additional applications such as Google Assistant and Google Home. Smart home products launched by Google can be used in many areas from heating to…

Best IoT Companies in the world

Best IoT companies are working more and more every day in order to create new products, connectivity systems and secure data transfer methods focused on both industrial, marketing and home technologies. The areas where these companies…

Best IoT Devices of 2020

IoT devices are products that can be controlled remotely through advanced sensors and differentiated connectivity systems, able to transfer data, and can also be included as an edge point in end-to-end control systems. Iot world, with…

What Are IoT Devices?

Do you want to find out what are IoT devices? Devices that enable us to achieve our daily life, business plans, and remote control of the regions that belong to us, such as home, and automation in industrial production processes, by…

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