Best IoT Companies in the world

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Best IoT companies are working more and more every day in order to create new products, connectivity systems and secure data transfer methods focused on both industrial, marketing and home technologies.

The areas where these companies frequently work can be listed as IoT Data Analytics, Industrial IoT-Build, IoT Data Management, IoT Security, Connectivity Management, Cloud Applications and IoT Architecture.

Studies in these areas are carried out both for the development of devices produced with IoT technology and for the enhancement of solutions that can be directly offered by IoT technology. Basic functions are developed simultaneously with the capabilities of to enrich IoT data collection system.


Advanced Iot Technologies

Open source code systems are used by these companies in order to achieve the best results in the basic fields of works and to provide cumulative knowledge. Here are the five of the iot world companies that provide the best solutions worldwide:

  • ARM
  • Cisco
  • PTC
  • HQ Software
  • Vates


ARM, which carries out works aimed at perfecting the IoT technological infrastructure, spends overtime especially for the production of integral platforms, sensors, and subsystems. ARM produces technology to create improved security systems and protocols, produce industrial IoT solutions, and build models that can further assist optimization efforts in the field of data management.

It aims to produce new tools open to development in the IoT field and to increase the flexibility of working with the applications with extra business solution models such as ARM, IoT SoC, etc. Regarding security, works are carried out in the firewall technologies.

Arm IoT Technology Applications

  • Smart Logistics
  • Asset Tracking

Smart Logistics

They are smart systems that allow companies to monitor vehicles by keeping their behavior under control and minimizing expenses and to be aware of any problems that may arise thanks to instant information.

Asset Tracking

It is a smart system that provides the follow-up of the produced products in order to prevent them from being lost in transportation, packaging or in a different process. The data is processed into the system in real time.

ARM IOT Technology

Arm IoT technology uses SoC systems to create safe and comprehensive solutions in the software field while providing the production of advanced IoT sensor products. Arm also offers a Cloud technology that will allow you to control all your devices from a single point.


Cisco is a company producing various IoT and IoT world security technologies in order to provide maximum efficiency and productivity in business and production areas. The main purpose of the company is to minimize risks in the business area, to provide parallel integration between IT and IoT transactions and to make the communication between devices safer by improving wireless access.

In order to achieve this, the company produces both hardware and software. Systems such as IOx for edge applications or Industrial Network Director, which will make the most efficient use of IoT devices, are also offered by Cisco.

Cisco IoT Technology Applications

  • Industrial Network Director
  • Field Network Director

Field Network Director

Provide automation and effective operations immediately by providing maximum visibility and accessibility in your industrial devices. In this way, optimize the efficiency and resource consumption of your workplace.

Industrial Network Director

Maximize the efficiency you get from your equipment. Also provide network lifecycle management without interruption by completely reducing downtime.

Cisco IOT Technology

Cisco combines one-hundred percent secure hardware tools with advanced business monitoring software systems, which provide the most advanced IoT technology, halving the delay period.

Another category offered by Cisco is called the end-to-end IoT portfolio. This category, which requires the use of Internet of Things technology in the field of business management, serves under the following headings: Network connectivity, Data control & exchange, Connectivity management, Edge computing.


PTC, which works to provide effective solutions in the field of industrial IoT, aims to reduce your company’s costs, maximize the quality of the products produced, and increase revenue. Thanks to the ThingWorx platform designed and released by PTC, you can benefit from a cloud system protected by end-to-end security systems. It is possible to choose PTC in order to receive a comprehensive IoT service on an industrial scale and to benefit from training and certificates in this field.

PTC IoT Technology Applications

  • Product as a Service
  • Thingworx

Product as a Service

Thanks to the systems developed to meet all the demands and needs of the customers, the brand of the business will be valued in a short time in the competitive sector environment.


It is a platform that provides purpose-built transactions, increases the speed of innovation, minimizes costs, provides flexibility in apps and IoT control processes, and was launched by PTC.

PTC IOT Technology

Aiming to make all your devices visible with real-time data collection technology, the PTC IoT system optimizes your resource consumption while keeping your system running faster.

HQ Software

The main development areas of this company, which works to integrate IoT technologies into new generation internet systems, can be listed as follows: sensor production, data analysis technologies, and mobile app development. In this context, it is possible to say that the company produces platforms for both hardware solutions and software developing systems.

The system also provides device development with 4 basic infrastructures to ensure the perfect operation of the devices. These can be listed as follows: device layer, gateway layer, data management layer, user interface layer.

HQ Software IoT Technology Applications

  • Smart buildings
  • Pollution control

Smart Buildings

Imagine new generation buildings where various variables such as lighting, humidity, heating are managed and optimized for low cost. Thanks to HQ Software, it is possible to manufacture these buildings and control them remotely.

Pollution Control

In order to protect the environment, systems that measure abnormalities in temperature, water level of dams, air pollution and send instant data are produced by HQ Software. These technologies are used in studies in the field of city planning.

HQ Software IOT Technology

With HQ Software IOT Technology, you can take advantage of applications, hardware systems and more that provide real-time data sharing, from city planning to truck tracking.


Vates offers IoT ecosystems to transform IoT systems into integrated systems to offer comprehensive solutions. Thanks to the market-ready products produced using the Proof-of-Concept (PoC) system, the company has become one of the leading brands in the field of Industrial IoT.

Thanks to the special system called Vates Rapid Prototyping (VRP), finding innovative IoT solutions has become easier. Basically, both solutions in the field of transportation and solutions developed in the field of health are provided by Vates sectorally.

Vates IoT Technology Applications

  • IoT Transportation Services
  • IoT Healthcare Solutions

IoT Transportation Services

It is a service that provides detailed information about the weight, speed, location and driver of vehicles for companies providing industrial services in transportation. This system maximizes security by sharing data in real time.

IoT Healthcare Solutions

These solutions, which enable patients to track their treatment histories, enable also doctors to benefit from certain notification and warning systems.

Vates Iot

Vates IOT Technology

Thanks to Vates, it is possible to provide end-to-end communication by connecting the production process, faciliaties, devices and employees. Vates from smart home technologies to custom IoT solutions are offered by Vates.

What Biggest IoT Companies Do To Change The World?

When the biggest IoT companies are analyzed in general, it is seen that almost all of these companies are working in the field of industrial IoT. Since IoT is still in the development process, the number of companies that focus on technology development by turning to the company to company services is really huge.

The IoT business areas where major IoT firms work most can be listed as follows:

IoT Data Analytics
  • IoT Data Analytics
  • Industrial IoT-Build
  • IoT Data Management
  • IoT Security
  • Connectivity Management
  • Cloud Applications
  • IoT Architecture

Technologies developed in the above basic fields make it possible to produce extremely high-level smart products for the consumer in the last chain. With each passing day, we see that R & D studies in different popular companies are directed towards IoT technologies.

Amazon, for example, did not have much to rule out the AWS system to create the largest IoT cloud technology in the world. The big race to be a pioneer in this technology in the field of companies still continues very quickly.

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