Best IoT Devices of 2020

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IoT devices are products that can be controlled remotely through advanced sensors and differentiated connectivity systems, able to transfer data, and can also be included as an edge point in end-to-end control systems.

Iot world, with excellent devices, can be used to provide the best performance in different industries, optimize resource consumption or maximize customer satisfaction.

The specialty healthcare industry, the smart home industry, the retail industry, the transportation industry, and the smart city industry benefit from highly developed IoT devices in this area .You can find the best IoT devices prepared according to 2020 data below.

Home Automation IoT Devices

Home Automation IoT Devices

Below is a list of smart home devices used in home automation. Thanks to this list of IoT devices, you will see options that can be used for many purposes from heating to lighting, home security to home entertainment tools. It can be extremely important that the devices provide maximum security and have good remote control context.

  • August Smart Lock
  • Belkin WeMo Smart Light Switch
  • Footbot Air Quality Monitor
  • Nest Smoke Alarm
  • Philips Hue Bulbs and Lighting System

  • August Smart Lock


Product Explanation

It is used to lock the doors in your home safely and open them without the need for a key. You can control and schedule the system on your smartphone.



Usage Area

The product is used in the context of the house, on doors, for security purposes.



  • Belkin WeMo Smart Light Switch

Belkin WeMo Smart Light Switch

Product Explanation

With this system that can connect with wifi, you will be able to change the color and tone in your lights, and turn your lights on and off. You can control the device both with your voice, with the control panel mounted directly on the wall, and with the app on your smartphone.


Usage Area

It is used in homes to control lighting systems

  • Footbot Air Quality Monitor

Foobot Air Quality Monitor

Product Explanation

This product, which is used to maximize the air quality both in your home and office, has advanced sensors. It detects and reduces air pollution.

Usage Area

Controls air purification and humidification devices in both homes and offices.

  • Nest Smoke Alarm

Nest Smoke Alarm


Product Explanation

Nest Smoke Alarm, which is produced to provide maximum security in your home, sends notifications to your smart phone about the changes that have occurred. It works integrated with Google Smart Home.


Usage Area

It is a sensor that you can use in your home and office.

  • Philips Hue Bulbs and Lighting System

Product Description

This system, by which you can change both light colors, light tones and lighting modes, works on devices with IoS operating system. The only con feature of the product is that the bulbs have an above average price.

Usage Area: It is used for lighting purposes in homes and offices.

Philips Hue Bulbs And Lighting System

Healthcare Industry Iot Devices

IoT devices can be used to better monitor a patient’s data in the field of health, to remotely treat the patient, or to make the pharmaceutical industry more automated than before. Iot world devices increase efficiency with advanced technologies.

  • Smart continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)
  • Closed-loop (automated) insulin delivery
  • Ingestible sensors
  • Connected contact lenses
  • Coagulation testing

Smart continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)

Product explanation

It is a kind of device that provides diabetes patients’ measurement of blood sugars in a continuous manner and enables the real-time data to be stored directly in the data storage center.

Usage Area

It is used by diabetics personally and controlled via mobile application.

Closed-loop (automated) insulin delivery

Product Explanation

Thanks to this device offered by Open Artificial Pancreas System, it is an automatic smart system that will pump insulin into the blood whenever necessary. Thanks to this device, it becomes possible to sleep smoothly at night and not have to constantly measure the sugar blood level.

Usage Area

It is used personally by diabetics in the field of health.

Ingestible sensors

Product Explanation

Thanks to these sensors, it becomes more possible for doctors to understand which intervals patients take medications and at what points in the treatment process. Sharing information becomes easier.

Usage Area

It is used personally by patients who are in a certain treatment process.

Connected contact lenses

Product Explanation

Thanks to these devices that collect data about the amount of insulin and glaucogen in the blood by measuring the level of tear glucose, it is possible to provide instant data about eye dimension. Google is working on these lenses in detail.

Usage Area

It is used in the human eye area.

Coagulation testing

Product Explanation

Thanks to these devices, which have Bluetooth as a connectivity system, patients can have instant data about the speed of their blood clots. In this way, individuals who are in the treatment process do not have to constantly go to the doctor’s control because doctors regularly receive data from their patients.

Usage Areas

It is used personally by patients in the treatment process

Transportation İndustry Iot Devices

IoT devices used in the field of transportation are used by industrial companies that carry out vehicle managing operations, especially in the national and international area. The system, which provides instant data about the vehicle fleet and sends it to both vehicle owners and owners of the products transported, provides maximum security and system control.

Thanks to the advanced cloud technology, the data can be used in optimization studies whenever it is desired.

  • Biz4 Intellia Fleet Management System
  • Bridgera IoT Remote Monitoring
  • Vehicle Tracking System by ScienceSoft
  • Public Transportation Management by Conduent
  • Inventory Management by GEP

Biz4 Intellia Fleet Management System

Product Explanation

It is a very comprehensive system consisting of sensors and applications that will allow you to measure where each vehicle is in your vehicle fleet and at what speed it has on its way. It provides maximum security and crisis management.

Usage Areas

It is used for trucks making transportation.

Bridgera IoT Remote Monitoring

Product Explanation

This system, which produces different alternatives thanks to various prototypes about what scenarios your vehicles may encounter. Thus, it provides solutions at the right time, provides custom Alerts and dashboard monitoring.

Usage Ares

It is used in many points from transportation area to production area as an industrial IoT solution.

Vehicle Tracking System by ScienceSoft

Product Explanation

With the help of the GPS technology, this system instantly informs you exactly where each of your vehicles is located, uses a fast 4G data network. Additional services such as Dispatch Management, Vehicles Maintenance Control, and Vehicle Routing are also provided.

Usage Ares

Used for fleets of transportation companies.

Public Transportation Management by Conduent

Product Explanation

Thanks to the system that provides public flexible payment methods, the number of people using different public vehicles can be determined with instant data, and the gates can be controlled. In this way, the cost is minimized.

Usage Ares

It is used in public transportation vehicles used in cities.

Inventory Management by GEP

Product Explanation

It is an IoT service that provides inventory optimization, and allows you to manage vehicles in the logistic area. The system also provides network optimization.

Usage Ares

It can be used to control vehicles in motion.

Smart City IoT Devices

Providing instant data for city management and urban design, IoT devices enable a particular population to make the most efficient use of all the city’s resources. From parking systems to lighting and traffic density in general, every detail can be tracked on the system and needs and abnormal data views can be determined. In this way, maximum efficiency is achieved. There are many devices providing services in the smart city area.

  • Autolib electric car sharing program
  • FlexNet Communication System
  • Citysense
  • SFpark
  • Bigbelly

Autolib electric car sharing program

Product Explanation

This program is a system that can grow up to 3,000 vehicles. Each vehicle it is connected to can be tracked with instant data via GPS. This IoT management system also enriched with additional functions to support the driver in parking processes.

Usage Ares

Used for electric vehicles in cities.

FlexNet Communication System

Product Explanation

Thanks to this IoT system, which was produced to protect the environment and prevent unnecessary water consumption, it was possible to save up to 23 percent. The app is used by California.

Usage Area

It is used by the government to provide water control.


Product Explanation

Thanks to this IoT system, which is produced to provide electricity consumption and lighting control throughout the city, data related to automobiles and pedestrians are collected instantly. In this way, light intensity or activation exists only when necessary.

Usage Ares

Used in the streets and streets in cities.


Product Explanation

This IoT system used in San Francisco is a tool that shows users the areas suitable for parking with a wireless system and uses the data provided instantly about the parking density. It offers advice on traffic density and roads can be preferred by drivers.

Usage areas

It is used for public parking areas in the city.


Product Explanation

Meet IoT devices, which inform municipal services about the loading rates of the garbage cans used in cities. Thanks to these devices, the time and fee required for garbage collection and city cleaning will be reduced and maximum efficiency will be provided.

Usage Ares

Every public area of the cities.

Retail Industry IoT Devices

A large number of the IoT devices and applications are used in the field of Retail in order to meet the demands at the right rate, to manage the product purchasing and product delivery processes correctly, and to connect more customers to the business thanks to different systems such as personalized discount applications. Thanks to these devices, it is possible to maximize the customer satisfaction rate.

  • Smart Shelves by AWM
  • iBeacon by Apple
  • Robot Employees by Lowe
  • Digital Signage Solutions by MovingTactics
  • Prism Skylab Shopping Mapping

Smart Shelves by AWM

Product Explanation: Smart Shelves can be used to ensure that the products are never out of stock, and to perform the inventory control and supply in the correct ratio in line with customer behavior. The system works by using the automated inventory system.

Usage Ares: Can be used in all retail stores selling in retail.

iBeacon by Apple

Product Explanation: These low power devices that work with Bluetooth are a system that sends you notifications for your retail purchases within the framework of the location proximity. You can receive promotions and discounts notifications about the stores around you from the system.

Usage Aras: It can be used personally to increase the customer satisfaction rate.

Robot Employees by Lowe

Product Explanation: Thanks to these robots used for work in the field of customer service, basic consultancy and assistance needs are met without the need for the extra workforce. Inventory controls can also be provided by these robots.

Usage Areas: It is used wherever there are retail sales, especially supermarkets.

Digital Signage Solutions by MovingTactics

Product Explanation: This IoT application, which gains value with the increase in the habit of shopping in the digital environment, aims to make screens in-store for customer communication.

Usage Ares: It is used for the retail sale of the digital media.

Prism Skylab Shopping Mapping

Product Explanation: Marketing and advertising strategies can be created more successfully thanks to these systems, which determine which products or which points customers spend more time in a particular store, based on their body temperature.

Usage Areas: It can be used by any company that sells retail in the store.








Activity Trackers

It is possible with activity tracker IoT devices to maintain your form in a fit life, create your nutrition program, create your daily sports calendar, and follow this calendar. These devices are often used in conjunction with additional devices such as smartwatches or smartphones.


Fitbit Charge 4

An excellent sports tracking device with GPS and Spotify support.


Garmin Vivosmart 4

An advanced tracker with an IoT system that measures heart rhythm and it has a high battery life.


Huawei Band 3 Pro

You can view and analyze all data in detail on your smartphone.

Smart Contact Lenses

Smart contact lenses, which are produced in highly developed versions by Mojo Vision, will help to increase your eyesight with high technology. These lenses, developed by scientists within the framework of improving vision, make it possible to see better and minimize the side effects of the lens.

Thanks to the advanced systems approved by the FDA, these lenses detect each contraction of the eye muscles and transfer the data throughout the eye according to the position of it.

  • Triggerfish by Sensimed: These are high technology FDA approved smart lenses manufactured by Swiss company Sensimed.
  • Mojo Smart Contact Lens: Ultra thin lenses that provide the best and smart image information to the user using Microelectronics and a tiny display are produced by Mojo.


IoT devices produced for security purposes can be used both in public areas and in personal life spaces. Moreover, the systems with cameras also allow individuals with a small child to control their child who is alone at home quite easily and quickly.

In general, it is possible to control such devices on the same platform as other devices working with smart home applications. Others may request an extra application download. The most important feature of IoT devices used for security reasons is the recording systems.

Historical records allow you to immediately find out what happened at your home, workplace, or in a particular area on a given date.

  • Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera: These are cameras used in larger buildings’ outdoor spaces and used in larger areas such as gardens, public areas, and workplaces.
  • Safe Indoor Camera by TP-Link: These are security cameras that can be managed with voice and touch via applications such as Alexa or Google Home, allowing remote control.
  • Funlux Wireless Two-Way Audio Home Security Camera: These are high-quality cameras that can work with wifi and have night mode and are used for security purposes.
  • 360 Wireless Smart Home Security Camera: Thanks to the motion sensor, the smart camera system that operates as soon as it detects motion also saves energy. The system can be controlled by voice.




In the modern world, the area in which electrical energy is used most intensely is the illumination area. The illumination process, unfortunately, causes energy to be wasted most of the time.
For a low-cost lighting system, it is very important to apply different tariffs day and night, to provide target-oriented lighting with the motion sensor, and to manually determine the energy that each lamp in a particular area will spend.

IoT devices serving in the field of lighting are excellent devices to save energy both in places such as banks, conference halls, and working areas and at home. Thanks to these devices, lighting schedules can be processed.

Moreover, advanced sync with music and movie options can be used to reflect your own style and have the right lighting at the right time. In addition, you can redesign your home mode according to your own mode by determining the color and intensity of the illumination at different times of the day.

  • Wyze Bulb: It is extremely affordable and therefore accessible. It allows you to save energy.
  • Philips Hue Bulbs: Thanks to its schedule feature and its remote control feature, it increases your comfort in daily life several times. You can switch between power-saving modes much easier and faster.
  • Lifx Mini: Lifx Mini, which is extremely popular in environment-friendly lighting field, will be the right choice for you, especially if you like to change colors in lighting systems. It can be remotely managed with all of the tools such as IFTTT, Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and the Google Assistant.

The Best of IoT Devices 2019 Has Shaken The Market!

The vast majority of devices which are included in the IoT devices 2019 charts recently entered the bestseller list on many different sites, including In that list, we have talked about the popular IoT devices that made their mark in the industry, especially in 2020. We tried to show examples from different sectors while talking about these devices.

Main Features of A Good IoT Device

If you want to buy a good IoT device, you should consider that device within the framework of the following questions:

  • Do they have enough quality sensors to perform basic tasks?
  • Is the remote connection power is high in the device?
  • Which forms of wireless connection are suitable? For example, is it only WiFi, or both WiFi and Bluetooth?
  • Which smart applications can be managed through?
  • Does it have extra benefits such as energy-saving, or what purpose does it mainly serve?
  • Are the prices affordable compared to other products in the market or is it possible to find more affordable products with the same function?
  • By which brand was it released?
  • Are there enough customer reviews about the product aon search engines like Google?
  • What smart features does it include? Record recording, schedule creation, multiple management panel, record management, auto-delete, or much more?

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