Cisco IoT Cloud Connect Platform

Thanks to the many advanced systems it has created in the Cisco IoT Cloud connect category, Cisco, a multinational network technologies company, has made the remote control of smart devices easier, both at the industry level and at the individual level.

Services created by Cisco serve all of the following purposes:

  • Protecting the data and infrastructure of devices working with IoT technology from any security risk
  • To make accurate scaling works in line with your needs regarding the devices you will use.
  • To ensure that the work in the Information Technologies department is combined with the right actions and to establish the right bridges between IT and operations.

Cisco Industrial IoT: Develop Your Business

Cisco Industrial IoT services enable you to achieve the best results and improve the business in non-carpeted spaces and carpeted spaces in a very short time. In this context, it is possible with Cisco Industrial IoT to make real-time transactions, control your devices in real-time, and share the control panel with your partners.

So, what does Cisco offer to users within the scope of industrial IoT technologies? Let us examine this briefly with you if you wish.

  • Network Connectivity
  • Data control & exchange
  • Connectivity Management
  • Edge computing

Network Connectivity

Spread out the infrastructure of the network you set up with Cisco technology to larger areas. Take control of more of your devices within this network. Review network models with advanced command structures to automate your business tools and achieve the best results.

Data control & exchange

The data created by your devices and the data of cloud technology can be continuously in the flow in two ways. To do this, Cisco uses multi-cloud data technology. It is possible to securely send data, send messages, create transactions, and much more within the scope of Cisco IoT technology.

Connectivity Management

How do the technologies and actions you take in the information technology department work in operations? It is possible with Cisco to establish the right bridges between IT and operations and to provide continuous connectivity.

Edge computing

You can do edge computing operations in order to speed up the results you get from your work and to increase the efficiency. For this, you get the chance to use real-time data flow technology.

Cisco Iot

Cisco IoT Platforms: Main Services Offered By Cisco

Cisco IoT Platform is used by many institutions and brands in different sectors, by developers and providers. It is known that the Internet of Things technology creates effective results both in small appliances in the home and on a larger scale, in city regulation and public benefit works. In this context, it is possible to list 3 basic categories served by the Cisco IoT platform:

  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Smart Cities


IoT technologies developed to recreate Industry 4.0 by activating factory networking, industrial security, edge computing, and visibility and control functions. You can provide a broadband IoT ecosystem for your factory and manage thousands of different devices in this ecosystem from a single point.


Thanks to extra secure technology, all data related to your devices are encrypted. The data transfer process is also completed in encrypted form. End-to-end security systems restrict anyone’s access to the system, except for you, with special authentication systems.


Determine the safety and density of transportation facilities correctly and provide notifications for a more livable transportation system. You can organize and improve transportation very quickly and easily thanks to the solutions offered in different categories such as aviation, railways, maritime, mass transit, vehicles.

Traffic accidents on the roads or collision-related deaths can be prevented thanks to this technology. Also, advanced security systems are used. Transportation services can also be successful to provide operational efficiency.

Smart Cities

With Cisco DNA, you can immediately create a new network foundation by optimizing your tech. As you know, the traditional networks you have will be insufficient to get the best results in the digital world.

Smart Cities Iot

Cisco introduces a special digital tool called Kinetic for Cities. With this tool, you can bring the information about all the devices that you want to collect data in the city to a single point.

Thanks to Leveraging Cisco solutions and with the additional applications launched by Cisco, you can add different functions to your cloud system. In all of the different categories such as Lightening, parking, waste management, urban mobility, Cisco vehicles achieve effective results.

Cisco IoT Certification: Join Cisco, Get Trained

It is possible to manage many devices that have Cisco IoT certification from a single point. Devices that work in harmony with many IoT applications released by Cisco can be used for integrated solutions. Cisco certificates can be divided into three categories as follows:

  • Next level certification
  • DevNet certification
  • CCNA certification

In order to obtain any of the above certification programs, different IoT technology companies go through several stages and receive training. Certified professionals achieve almost 42 percent better results in selecting technology solutions.

It is possible to get certificates in different fields such as Collaboration, Data Security, DevNet, Enterprise, Data Center, Service Provider.

Cisco IoT Products: New Way of Marketing

Cisco IoT products are developed to enable easier remote control of objects in the digital world and to make data usage more practical. In general, these products serve with the help of mobile applications, thus providing a maximum user-friendly system.

The data information and processes related to products can be monitored and managed via smartphones. This applies to the use of both industrial and individual IoT technologies.

Devices manufactured by Cisco to be intended to provide industrial security are especially popular in the industry.

Some of the products that can be given as examples in this context are as follows: Industrial switching, Industrial routers, Cisco IoT Gateway, Industrial wireless, Low-power, wide-area wireless, Embedded networking. You can visit the official website to examine the features of all these devices in more detail.

Cisco IoT Security: How To Keep Your Factory Safe?

The solutions provided for Cisco IoT Security are quite diverse. In this context, to be able to provide visibility on assets and processes, especially in the industrial field, to protect individual cells, to establish unified IT-OT security operations for a comprehensive end-to-end security model, to create intelligence that can detect a threat to industrial devices are only some of the services provided by Cisco to the Cisco IoT Cloud connect clients.

Cisco Iot Security

Cisco IoT Solutions: Way of Creating A Better IoT World

Cisco IoT Solutions activates numerous methods of connectivity. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to connect your device to the Cisco Cloud service by using all of the different connectivity models such as Wifi, LoRa Wan, 2G, 3G, LIte, LTE / CAT – M1, NB – IoT.

The high number of these options contributes to the management of all IoT devices from a single point. Connected to the ultra services platform for IoT service through the API, the device sends the information to 3 basic systems. These can be listed as follows: Ultra Packet Core, Ultra Policy Platform, Ultra Services Framework.

Thanks to this system, it is much easier and faster to organize, manage, analyze data, and connect end devices with applications and cloud technology. It is possible to minimize the delay period. Cisco IoT technologies that work in harmony with OneM2M technology also give good results in the industrial field.

By using the Cisco IoT cloud connect technology, you can produce the best solutions and make your individual and Industrial IoT use efficient.


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