Datav by Bsquare Iot Platform

Datav by Bsquare IoT Platform is a system that can be used to ensure that all your industrial devices are connected to the cloud in a scalable way. The system works in general depending on the edge-to-cloud profile and uses many digital innovative technologies to achieve the best results in the field of business management.

In general, the basic functions provided to the users by the system can be summarized as follows:

  • Cloud-enabled
  • Share data seamlessly
  • Facilitate distributed learning and control
  • Operate securely at scale


You can also choose the Bsquare Platform to collect all the data you use in the industrial area in one place, control your devices from a center and perform many operations such as analysis or editing over the data brought by the devices.

Share data seamlessly

You can transfer the data recorded by the devices you want with sensors and other smart technologies to the cloud system quickly and easily. In this way, the current status of the devices, environmental conditions, and instant production and consumption analysis is reflected in your database and everything happens under your control.

Facilitate distributed learning and control

IoT, shaped within the framework of Intelligence technology, provides the best results as a result of the analyzes made by considering many factors.

Learning and control are extremely important, especially for the modeling, categorization of data recorded by devices, and to detect deviations in this data and to stimulate better results. Datav by Bsquare IoT Platform is also preferred because it provides exactly that.

Operate securely at scale

End-to-end security systems are realized within the framework of scalable IoT technology. This ensures that all of your data and transfer processes are protected.

Iot Software And Services

Bsquare IoT Main Benefits and Its Contribution To The Market

So what are the main benefits of BSquare IoT for Modern Enterprise? It offers an extremely large platform of architects, software engineers, and operations to achieve the best in a modern production model.

Within this wide platform, you can develop your own enterprise system or get the chance to solve the problems you encounter by receiving support 24/7. The use of applications such as DevOps makes BSquare a different IoT platform than others, especially in order to perform a large number of transactions in the cloud system comprehensively.

  • Embedded software and services
  • IoT Software and Services
  • 24/7 operations services

Embedded software and services

The first service provided by the BSquare IoT platform as an industrial IoT framework is the integrated systems that combine a large number of software and services. It is possible to manage all your devices from a single point and control your products to be produced in detail from the design stage to the manufacturing stage.

Moreover, you will get along really well with different tools and products that use different operating systems in your workplace. Because all the different systems like Linux, Android, FreeRTOS, QNX, and ThreadX are all supported by BSquare.

IoT Software and Services

There are much different software such as B2IQ Edge to Cloud Suite, B2IQ Cloud Base, B2IQ Edge, B2IQ Gateway, B2IQ Device Utilities, IoT Engineering Services, or Supported Technologies: Engineering Services. All of these software systems are offered to industrial institutions by Bsquare to ensure the best results.

You will be able to realize all your IoT solutions from the creation or design stage to the application stage through the IoT software system.

If you want to control all B2IQ Edge devices connected to the system seamlessly, quickly, and safely through a single cloud, you can start using the Bsquare system immediately.

24/7 operations services

One of the most important features that distinguish BSQuare from others is that it provides continuous technical support through systems such as DevOps, Cloud Hosting, Software Maintenance Services, and Support.

Another really important feature of the system is that it can offer all of the advanced services such as Gap analysis assessment or DevOps implementation services to users through an extremely fast and reliable flow technology.

Thanks to the Cloud Hosting services, it is possible to process the data that comes to you on a daily basis with daily data backups technology or to make instant vulnerability tests in order to protect the data from external factors.


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