Dell IoT Platform

Dell IoT Platform stands out as an internet solution for the internet of things technology that can be used to find the best solutions in the highly competitive business world, to do the best optimization studies, or to make decisions faster.

Thanks to the Dell IoT platform, it is possible to analyze and collect today’s data in real-time, as well as analyze it. In addition, it is very easy to perform analyzes or predictions about future transactions. Thanks to the technology of insight, it will be possible for the data from your devices to provide you with the most effective and guiding results with meaningful visualizations.

The IoT platform developed by Dell using the Open Source System was created by Dell EMC Partner Programs and Dell IoT Solution Partner. Managing the IoT platform as a partner with the Bosh company, Dell transfers with protocols in which all devices developed within the framework of Industry 4.0 technology can be integrated.

Thanks to additional systems such as Bosch XDK sensors, Dell’s IoT platform prepares the environment for advanced gateway technologies.

Dell IoT Solutions: Best Way To Grow Your Business

Dell IoT Solutions helps you perform architect, protect, harness, and rely processes for the business. Digital tools, intelligent systems and much more developed for you to do these operations can help you run the theoretical data that you need to optimize with your operations. Let’s examine each function one by one.

  • The architect for flexibility at scale
  • Protect your operations
  • Harness the data deluge
  • Rely on trusted expertise

The architect for flexibility at scale

In order to be able to perform accurate analysis and data collection, you must first define your criteria correctly and create your processes regarding the calculation process of the criteria completely. Installing the system that will organize all the calculation processes requires correct architecture. A system developed and scaled with the right calculation will provide business-building innovation to you. Those who want to stabilize the workplace by using a certain system as a consistent can also use this system.

Protect your operations

It is possible to say that each transaction takes place within the scope of policy types and management is provided in this way. Continuously working and providing real-time data, the system provides end-to-end security.

Harness the data deluge

Thanks to IoT technology, data is captured and stored in real-time from each IoT device. We have already said this, but the fact that the incoming real-time data can be modeled correctly and used within the framework of intelligent systems is the basic thing required for your business.You can use enterprise-grade solutions if you want to manage your business easier and faster and do your data-related operations with clear-cut. These can also be combined with intelligence systems.

Rely on trusted expertise

You can achieve the best results for your business within the framework of solutions tailored to the situation. This system is basically provided by an approved and reliable partner system.

It is possible to utilize the IoT platform produced by Dell at the industrial level to achieve the best results in the fields of manufacturing, retail, digital cities, healthcare, and utilities.

Dell IoT Products: Dell IoT Gateway Solutions with Highest Technology

Produced within the framework of Dell IoT Gateway technologies, Dell IoT Products can be employed by any business using industrial IoT systems. Let’s take a closer look at these products, which are introduced in detail on Dell’s official website.

Dell Analytics
  • Edge Gateway 5000
  • Edge Gateway 5100

Edge Gateway 5000

This product, which is offered for sale for $ 1.669.00, ensures your business transactions at the perfect level in terms of price-performance ratio and also guarantees security. Edge Gateway 5000 for creating IoT networks and managing interfaces. You can trust the system. These tools support different protocol systems.

Edge Gateway 5100

This product can be used to develop solutions for unusual or extreme situations occurring in the workplace, to make quick decisions, and to perform profit and loss analysis of these decisions.

Thanks to the systems that provide you with insight, you can provide a prediction about your business and thus you can optimize the results you get from your business. You can purchase this product for your business for a price of $ 1,978.74.

Dell IoT Strategy: Security and More

The main point of Dell IoT Strategy is security. Designed specifically for industrial IoT, this platform’s security measures are very high. Let’s take a look at these measures together.

  • Integrated Solution
  • Automation
  • Transparency
  • Scalability
  • Trust
Dell iot Security

Integrated Solution

When you need to integrate different systems and devices in an integrated portfolio within Dell technologies, you will come across many tools. With this tool, you can safely control your devices.


The system, which enables the management of the data collected within the framework of IoT technologies and the decisions made within the framework of IT and enables it not to require manual operation every time, is provided by Dell.


If you are requesting a piece of completely transparent process information, both in terms of resource management and the technologies you use to manage your general system, you can achieve this with Dell. This makes it possible to protect your personal and corporate data.


The ratio of the use of IoT technology will also change according to different device usage, the data sent by the devices. The Dell IoT system offers scalable technologies and solutions for this.


Guarantee that the system protects all your data completely about privacy and security will make you feel good.

Dell IoT Partners: Improving Your Business with Dell Partner Support

Thanks to Dell IoT Partners programs, it is possible to take advantage of many additional benefits. There are partnerships in 3 different levels. A partnership can be completed by providing the necessary conditions. The main advantages can be listed as follows:

  • By taking advantage of Dell’s recognition, you will increase your recognition within the industry. Your brand will gain higher awareness.
  • You will be able to receive world-class support from the Dell IoT system on all corporate transactions you perform using IoT technologies.
  • The product portfolio is very important for your business. If the product portfolio does not allow you to run the correct functions in the most advanced way, you may not get the necessary efficiency from the IoT platform. According to research, Dell has a highly developed and reliable IoT product portfolio.
  • Finally, while continuing the process of growing your business, it is possible to get support for growth where necessary and speed up this process with partner systems.

Dell IoT Starter Kit: First Look to IoT World

Dell IoT Starter Kit is a variety of IoT products that work with Python / Arduino software languages and appeals to those who aim to use industrial level IoT. This product, available since October 2017, is available for € 2750. The platforms that the system supports and can operate integrated can be listed as follows: Cloud Platform: Relayr Cloud, Gateway Platform: WindRiver Linux. If you want to perform your IoT transactions at low cost and effectively, you can use this kit immediately.

Dell IoT Division System: What Does It Do?

The basic thing provided by the Dell IoT Division in Dell EMC IoT tech can be described as follows: The system that combines the core platform and digital tools in the Dell IoT ecosystem with internally developed technologies is called Dell IoT Division. With the IoT Division system, you can achieve excellent performance in creating the most accurate results and solutions for any business transaction in the Dell technology family.

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