General Electrics Predix iot Platform

General Electrics Predix IoT Platform

Ge Predix IoT is a special platform produced by General Electrics for companies seeking industrial IoT use. The main purpose of the Predix platform is to enable the machines to connect with each other thanks to the cloud-based IoT system.

In addition, the platform provides services with industrial analytical systems, security systems, digital twins systems, machine learning systems with intelligence, mobile application platforms, and much more. People who benefit from data are generally developers, data scientists, and control engineers. Individuals who want to achieve the best results in each profession can work on an open-source system.

Let’s examine the basic features of Ge Predix IoT with you.

IoT Ge Predix: Key Functions and Capabilities

First of all, IoT Ge Predix is produced and developed entirely according to industrial IoT needs. The different needs required for business may vary from period to period. Requirements to use new production tools, large numbers of data information from more sensors may require rescaling studies.

Applications that are used to operate safely in the field of digital industrial solutions can operate in an integrated and healthy way within the system.

  1. Leading IIoT capabilities: It is possible to manage and optimize the resources correctly in order to realize the best tracking and optimization studies in the industrial area. In addition, it is possible to safely use the data that will come with the help of sensors over millions of different devices.This information can be sent to the cloud system via end devices or sent to the end devices through the cloud.
  2. Besides all these, you can use Ge Predix IoT to get detailed service about analytics and machine learning. Machine learning, which is made possible by the development of intelligent systems within IoT technology, is extremely useful for recognizing and analyzing current deviations related to business and realizing future prediction processes.
  3. Big Data Processing: With the combination of the data coming from many devices, a big data processing system that the business can use more easily is presented to the users. To achieve this, special asset-centric digital twins technology is used.
Predix Iot Platform

Predix IoT Platform: From The Edge To The Center

  1. Predix Edge offered within the Predix IoT platform system enables your transactions related to data collection and data forwarding to be performed faster, more practical, and easier. In this process, especially the rapid completion of computing transactions will have a positive effect on your business transactions.

Thanks to analysis and modeling processes, you can evaluate different possibilities such as container-based apps offered by the platform in order to make the data you collect efficiently. Such additional features are supported by extra flexible options such as scalable deployment options.

If you are looking for a cloud system that supports new devices and technologies that you will use in Business in line with your needs and growing volume, Predix IoT Platform may be a good option.

  1. Predix Private Cloud

The system, which is designed through the Predix Cloud service and enables you to share data by connecting directly to your client’s data system, is called Predix Private Cloud. Real-time information sharing and analysis facilitates communication through the customer’s data center while strengthening the professional appearance of your company.

There may be features such as security, regulatory compliance, and data sovereignty that your customers will demand while watching data. In order to provide all of these features, the cloud has many additional functions.

In addition, it is possible to use applications to capture more functions in the system. Moreover, the functionality of the area to be used can be increased by performing extra scaling operations on the Cloud.

  1. Predix Cloud

Predix Cloud, which is a more general service than the private cloud technology described above, differs from other platforms because it offers digital tools that provide extremely rich analytics to users.

You can use GE Digital-built applications for easier processing while collecting data, analyzing data, or modeling data on the platform. On the days when your company transforms digitally, it is possible to save every data completely but make it inaccessible thanks to the secure system.


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