Google Cloud Iot Platform

Google Cloud IoT is an advanced software system that you can use to save data, manage data, and make changes to the device functions of your advanced tool you want to manage. While Google Cloud IoT ensures that messages sent to your end devices and it is completed with the shortest delay period, it also enables easy and secure internal device communication.

Google Cloud IoT system, which has established its network in almost every part of the world and thus works fast and uninterruptedly, allows you to get the data in real-time and control your device with instant commands. In this process, Google Cloud IoT Core technology is used to capture and save data with maximum performance.

Google IoT Services

Here is the general information about Google IoT services, created by Google IoT Core:

Google IoT Platform: New Way of Controlling Life

A large number of the software used within the Google IoT platform ensures that data is transmitted safely to the end device. In addition, data transfer and message sending services are made by both sides (by cloud and by the device). Both the cloud system and the device continue to receive and send data continuously in real-time. The steps in the data transfer process take place as follows:

  1. Data associated with the device and cloud is captured by Google IoT Core. The secure and encrypted transfer takes place to analyze the data in the specified flow direction.
  2. At the end of the transfer, the data reaches Cloud Pub / Sub. This system creates an entrance gate for your data to be analyzed and modeled in the future. In Cloud Pub / Sub, you can find excellent digital tools for flow, batch processing, and combined pipeline development operations.

In this step, it is possible to complete the scaling process without extra coding. Scaling on other platforms requires operations such as provisioning or partitioning, but there is no need for them in the Cloud Pub / Sub.

  1. The Google BigQuery system can be used to analyze the compiled data and convert them into usable results. Google IoT Cloud works integrated with all these technologies.
  2. You can also use the Cloud Machine Learning Engine tool if you want to make transactions that will be evaluated within the scope of machine learning with the data you have.
  3. Especially those who use IoT technologies in the business environment need to make detailed presentations in order to create the most appropriate action plan with the analyzed data. You can use Google Data Studio with models, tables, and analytical display formats.
Google Cloud Platform IoT

Google Cloud Platform IoT: The Contribution of Google IoT Core

It is possible to create innovative solutions especially in a business with Google Cloud Platform IoT. The Google Cloud platform performs all of the following functions:

  1. Your devices with IoT technology and advanced Google Cloud technology will increase the data saving performance of their devices. Devices that predict the maintenance periods of different machines you have at work early will save you from potential problems, extra expense, or the effort you need to make this calculation.
  2. Thanks to the Google IoT platform, you will be able to monitor the instant performance of devices in your workplace in real-time. You will be able to use data modeling systems to make action plans that will take your business one step further by using applicable analysis models.
  3. Providing services on a wide scale in the field of industrial IoT, Google IoT draws attention to IoT solutions in the logistics sector. Connect a large number of vehicles, owners of goods transported in the vehicle, and vehicle owners simultaneously to the same cloud system. You can control all the devices from a single point. Manage your vehicles with real-time data.

Google Home IoT: How To Recreate Your Home with IoT Tech?

Google Home IoT will increase your home comfort thanks to advanced IoT Core technology. Here are the key features of IoT Core that you will use in your home.

IoT Google Home Features

4 main IoT Google Home features:

  • Thanks to the device manager feature, you can partition your small and large devices and manage them within the framework of different functions. Google IoT Core, which assigns a separate identity to each device in order to secure the devices you use in your home, does not accept data flow without authentication.
  • MQTT and HTTP protocols are used in Google IoT Core to maximize the working performance of smart devices and minimize the delay period of transferred messages. If you want the dishwasher to work, your machine will be able to detect it as soon as you say it, with advanced delay time optimization. Thanks to the protocol bridge, all collected data is sent to the Cloud Pub / Sub so that it can proceed within the specified flow chart.
  • Using advanced models of authentication, Google Cloud works with TLS 1.2 technology. This system, called asymmetric authentication, also performs verification about the owner of the device. Sometimes CA-signed certificates may be requested to designate or assign ownership.
  • Tools such as Cloud Dataflow, BigQuery, Cloud Bigtable, ML can be used to analyze the data you obtain about the working time, energy-saving performances or working performances of the devices you use in your home in the fastest and most practical way. Google IoT Home and Google Assistant work integrated with all of them.
Iot Google Home Features

Google IoT Devices: SDK Protocols Make Easy To Connect Your Devices To The World

An advanced Cloud IoT Device SDK is used to connect to Google IoT Devices in the healthiest, fastest, and safest way. Thanks to the customer library prepared using Embedded C, individuals have no problem in performing different functions.

  1. The software development kit (SDK) provided by Google offers users additional advanced options to connect, provoke, or manage the device. It is possible to say that the SDK targets smart devices especially used at home during the working process. Wifi-powered smart devices and battery-powered cellular devices are basically the technologies targeted by the kit.
  2. The advanced SDK technology allows the new features to be integrated into the system with the minimum energy requirement, thanks to the Board Support Package feature.
  3. Double-sided data flow and message sending are made possible without affecting the performance of the application used in the operation of the device.
  4. Provides extra advantageous technical support for Cloud IoT Provisioning technologies produced by Google.
  5. It allows the devices to be more successful in technical abilities and to have higher memory activity.
  6. It provides a low rate of energy consumption and maximizes device efficiency.

Google IoT Projects: Thinking Bigger, Stepping One By One

Many Google IoT Projects, created and developed using Google IoT Core technology, allow a smarter living environment to be created in everyday life. In this context, many projects such as Smart Parking, Vagabond, Oden Technologies attract the attention of individuals interested in IoT technology worldwide.

Smart Parking

Smart Parking is a very important project that exemplifies the use of IoT technology, especially in urban planning and public life. By using the sensor-based system, this project, which provides a healthier parking process in schools, universities, business areas, museums, airports, uses 50,000 sensors.

This project, which provides data flow through the SmartCloud Platform system, also supports high-level functions such as determining and analyzing user habits in each different region of parking thanks to the Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine.

Oden Technologies

The Oden Technologies project, which performs real-time data analysis thanks to Google Cloud services, has managed to save nearly 30 percent of its data storage operations. Using all the different digital tools such as Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Pub / Sub, Google Cloud Bigtable in the Google Cloud Platform, Oden Technologies enables optimization of the productivity level in the factory floor.

Oden Technologies, which also uses Kubernetes Engine technology, easily transfers the data received from the factory to the Cloud system via a wireless connection.

Google IoT Kit

With the Google IoT Kit, you can get technologies that make it easy for your devices to connect to the Google Cloud Platform. Prototyping Kits, which are prepared to make the development processes easier, are offered for sale by Google. In this context, you can benefit from the following set types:

  1. AE-CLOUD2 Cellular IoT Kit: Using a microcontroller system called Renesas Synergy S5D9 Cortex-M4, this kit contains many sensors. These sensors, which can measure many environmental measurements from illumination to microphone, provide an advanced connectivity. It is possible to connect the system to the device using wifi or ethernet technology. The system can be purchased online.
  2. Microchip security enhancement kit with ATECC608A: It’s the perfect kit for building reliable prototypes and taking the right actions, especially around the business. The system consists of three broad items. These items can be listed as follows: Microchip WINC1500 Wi-Fi b / g / n, ATSAMD21 Cortex-M0, ATECC608A.

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