Hewlett Packard IoT Platform

Hewlett Packard IoT Platform is one of the systems you can choose to accelerate all devices with IoT technology you have, to connect these devices and manage your business from a single point. The main strategy of this IoT platform is based on scalability.

In this context, Hewlett’s main purpose is to create a scalable, modular, and versatile chain of services and to place the IoT network at the core of this chain.

This technology, which produces smart ecosystems, and provides agnostic supports for these smart ecosystems, performs all of the following processes:

  • Device and service management
  • Data acquisition
  • Exposure to applications

Device and service management

Especially those who prefer industrial IoT use can manage all their devices and services from one place and make changes with the advanced IoT network platform.

Data acquisition

It is important to measure different values ​​such as electricity, current, temperature, pressure consumed by smart systems within the framework of any computer technology, and then transfer these measurements to certain edges. In order to increase your work efficiency and optimize your resource utilization within the framework of industrial IoT, you can use this platform. Hewlett Packard IoT Platform offers higher rates of efficiency.

Exposure to applications

You may need to use a variety of APIs and applications to be able to correctly control and use many new functions and achieve the best results in your workplace. Advanced IoT technology is extremely safe and useful for developing, using, and creating these applications.

Hp IoT Strategy: New Way of Combining Business and Digital

Hp IoT Strategy focuses on perfecting the business plan through a few key functions. In this context, all of the following transactions are counted within the strategy:

  • Simultaneous management
  • Secure monetization
  • Platform architecture
  • Data analytics

Simultaneous management

When you use IoT technology for business, a lot of data is collected from many gateways and from many sensors at the same time. A highly detailed system is required to analyze, view, and manage all of this data at the same time.

It is a system scaling system that enables millions of different devices to be managed simultaneously. The working environment you build with the Hewlett Packard IoT Platform can increase its own capacity in terms of scalability. Hewlett offers exactly that.

Secure monetization

Thanks to the pre-defined oneM2M and data-centric application services that can be used to make money easily through the IoT system, it will be much easier to collect or process data than before.

Platform architecture

One of the most important features of IoT technology is that the devices can be connected to the cloud as well as the devices can be connected to each other and transfer data over each other.

This technology is called machine-to-machine (M2M) technology and is actively used by Hewlett. This is also sufficient technology to control different devices through a single responsibility center.

Data analytics

Undoubtedly, the best technology that can be preferred for doing business optimization studies is IoT technology. Thanks to IoT technology, you can discover different digital tools to collect data, validate data, or play over data.

Data Analytics

Hp IoT Security: How To Protect Your Business

Hp IoT Security is extremely comprehensive in order to continue the data transfer in a 100 percent protected manner against any malware and errors that may occur on the system. Moreover, it does not have complex and difficult to understand language. Many protocols use software features to provide system security that tries to obtain insight based data.

Thanks to the security feature, all messages from the devices to the cloud or from the cloud to the devices are protected by the encrypted system. Moreover, this transfer process itself is also included in this encrypted system (end-to-end security). In short, all the information about your business is in trusted hands.

Hp IoT Solutions: Why Is It Best For Your Business?

Hp IoT Solutions is generally developed based on the following three main purposes:

  • Creating
  • Optimization
  • Reduce:


It is important to be open to innovations in order to carry out more useful and productive work in your workplace. Using IoT technology, you can make your creation operations within the platform by installing apps and APIs. Thanks to the lifecycle management process, everything you need throughout this creating process will be here.


The biggest benefit of using IoT technology in the workplace is to use simulations to detect situations with deviations in data, obtain average values ​​for resource usage, and finally plan how optimization can be achieved. All of the basic advantages listed above for you are provided to users by the HP system.


So why is market research important through optimization or IoT? As a company, minimizing the risk, taking the right steps, and rising quickly will be possible with the reducing function for the investment processes you will start.

HP IoT Platform: Best For Both Security and Business Management

Zero Trust Network Security can be called the basic security system used on the HP IoT Platform. With this system provided by Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform), you can get information about all the devices accessing your data, provide dynamic segmentation or allow your devices to be alert to the dangers in the context.

  • What does Aruba’s Dynamic Segmentation system provide? It is extremely important to provide secure traffic segmentation and to complete this within the framework of the right policies when exchanging IT-related information between your IoT technology devices. This technology provides exactly that.
  • Thanks to the Agentless device visibility and network access control system, it is possible to provide a single point of control in all systems that are connected to both wireless network and wired network.

Thanks to the unified infrastructure technology, the business management process is provided in a much more practical and secure way, while the delay in data transfers is also possible.

Newly developed innovative technologies such as HPE Cloud28 + recently enabled extremely large-scale factories to control production, supply, and distribution processes from one place in a very short time.



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