Hitachi Lumada IoT Platform

The Hitachi Lumada IoT platform provides the most valuable evaluation of the data obtained from devices with IoT technology, while it enables people or companies who or which want to gain insight to easily obtain it through Lumada applications.

In this way, innovation, prediction, or business management process accelerates. In general, the positive features in the system can be listed as follows:

  • Operations Experts
  • Digital Know-How
  • Top IT and OT Outcomes

Operations Experts

While developing IoT technology, Hitachi continues to provide professional solutions with over 100+ years of experience and equipment hardware support.

Digital Know-How

Offering innovative ideas for all kinds of transactions that can take place in the digital world, Hitachi is an extremely ambitious company in general regarding cutting-edge IT, research, and innovative developments.

Top IT and OT Outcomes

The use of devices with IoT technology, the maximum efficiency obtained from these devices, detailed analysis of the data collected and the safe transfer ensures that the results are at the optimum level. In this way, performance starts to increase in IT and OT fields.

Hitachi IoT Platform: What Does It Offer?

Hitachi IoT Platform has added innovative features to the IoT system using intelligence technology, especially with Lumada. Hitachi IoT Platform offers you a lot of tools to gain insight about business, to attract investors to your company, to increase your business efficiency, and to reduce resource consumption thanks to accurate predictions about the future.

Here are some of the key technologies:

  • Lumada Edge Intelligence
  • Lumada Maintenance Insights
  • Lumada Manufacturing Insights

Lumada Edge Intelligence

It is very important to analyze these data in detail while collecting data, to determine trends in general, to take into account the periodic tendencies, to analyze the external factors, and to add them to the summary process.

The system that determines deviations by doing all these operations, providing future prediction with a detailed analysis of these deviations, and offering insight is called Lumada Edge Intelligence. While managing operations on end devices, data control can also be maintained flawlessly.

Lumada Maintenance Insights

For glitches that might happen unplanned, or disruptions about data logging may have happened and much more. So, insight should work the system regularly and force it into maintenance. This technology is in charge of ensuring this.

Lumada Manufacturing Insights

Especially in large business systems such as factories, this digital technology can be used to manage correctly, make arrangements, manage modernization and reorganization processes.

IoT Lumada: Main Features and Benefits of the IoT

What are the main features of the IoT Lumada system? What innovative features will Lumada technology add to IoT? Here is an overview of these features:

  • Intelligent
  • Composable
  • Secure
  • Flexible


Machine learning systems are used in today’s factories, making it possible to manufacture digital devices with innovative technologies. In this context, avatar options that will provide 360-degree views or insight systems that can be used in organizing operations are very useful while making decisions about the future.

Statistics about the collected data have the feature to create modeling in an advanced intelligent system. In this way, you will be able to convert the data you collect from your workplace into useful models and optimization maps for your workplace.


A platform with IoT technology must be open source. In this way, it is produced in such a way that it can be integrated into the system for different devices and that free users contribute to the development of the system.

The IoT Lumada system also works open source. Those who want to achieve the best results for business will benefit from the additional functions provided by Lumada using third-party alternatives. Moreover, different digital elements and tools will also be used.


Not using a fully secure system, especially when it comes to business, can result in losing millions of dollars. It can be used in Luma in order to obtain the most secure system in both data collection, message sending, or receiving in the IoT cloud, and modeling processes. Asset and data management systems guarantee the best results.


Finally, thanks to both scalable systems and additional customizable features, Lumada IoT has the capacity to create business-specific solutions.

Hitachi Iot Smart City

Hitachi Data Systems IoT: Way To Grow Your IOT

In order to understand Hitachi Data Systems IoT, it is necessary to understand the basic features and purpose of the system. The Hitachi system is mainly aimed at maximizing your return on data. In order to achieve this, many technological features in the smart system support your business process.

  • Storage systems
  • Converged and Hyperconverged InfrastructureEdge-To-Cloud Infrastructure:

Storage systems

Storage systems ensure that your data is stored safely. In this process, your data is encrypted in a secure way. Only authorized users can access the data.

Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Thanks to this system, VMs, and hybrid clouds are used. These clouds make the processes related to data usage cost-effective and maximize efficiency. It is also very useful to use this infrastructure in order to make the data manageable and modelable. Different products such as Hitachi Unified Compute Platform CI Series are used for the development of this system.

Edge-To-Cloud Infrastructure

It is possible to minimize the delay period during the data transfer process from the end device to the cloud, and to create solutions for all problems by the global response teams.

Agile Application Infrastructure, Data Protection, Enterprise Copy Data Management, and Agile Data Infrastructure systems are used for the best performance of the transfer from edge to cloud.

In addition to the above, all of the multi-cloud acceleration, data operations for governance, data management and analytics, video intelligence, and IoT services are provided by Hitachi.

Hitachi Iot Technologies

Hitachi Data Systems IoT: Re-Birth of Your Data

Hitachi Data Systems IoT is a system based on data transformation, data agility, and data discovery strategies. Pantaho Platform and Lumada Data Services platforms were also established to obtain maximum efficiency from the data analysis and management process. Optimization of data, cataloging, structured, or De-risk becomes possible with these systems.

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