How Effective IBM IoT Security?

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The data storage, sharing, and transfer features of IBM IoT technologies are protected by a number of security protocols produced specifically for IoT technology.

  1. Serving its users through The Watson IoT ™ Platform, IBM has taken a number of measures to ensure the highest security features. Within the framework of ISO 27001 protocol, restrictions on data security and third party or parties’ access to data have been completed.
  2. Another requirement for safe use is that you have complete control of your devices working with IBM infrastructure with IoT technology. When making management of the devices via the Watson platform, the user has a say in authorized users, applications, and gateways. Gateways or users who can actively manage should pass the approval of the basic user.
  3. One of the most important features of IoT is that it can face unnoticed dangers due to its wireless connection. IBM technology installs an advanced Threat Intelligence on smart devices. This advanced and innovative technology enables identification of all situations that have critical risk potential around the IoT device.

After the definition, the ability to take action within the framework of the determined policy will also be found in these IoT devices. In this way, IoT technology protects itself.

Ibm Iot Security

IBM IoT Security: How Can Your Device Defend Itself?

IBM IoT Security is one of the most high-tech systems working with advanced infrastructure recently. Learning the steps taken by The Watson IoT Platform on the security of IoT technology can be helpful in this regard.

The advantageous iot security options offered to users by the Watson IoT platform have been redefined in the past 3 years. Here are the basic breakthroughs that aim to eliminate security concerns in 3 basic steps:

IoT Security Assessment Services

IBM is actively promoting companies and brands that utilize iot technologies to promote and provide maximum end-to-end security. Visiting its customers directly, IBM talks about the details of this security system and makes recommendations.

IoT Security Intelligence Services

Wouldn’t you like your IoT device to work like an artificial intelligence through various calculations and analysis? The IoT device, which records normal behavior patterns in a standard state, marks them as potential risks when it detects non-normal behavior patterns around it.

This technology was introduced to IoT security world as behavior-based solutions. Under this technology, the device is always in a defensive position against any kind of security attack.

Advanced Security capabilities

Extra capacity security features offered to users by Watson IoT platform will also protect your IoT device against cyber attacks. The extra features that will be presented to you in this context can be listed as follows:

  • Security Dashboard
  • Alert System
  • Visual Policy Management System
  • Blockchain Integration

Security Dashboard

This dashboard prepared for you to see the pote and active threats in the environment will ensure that you always have control.

Alert System

The notification-based warning system is activated in IBM IoT technology for instant security changes. In this way, it will be possible to understand and solve problems in real time instantly.

Visual Policy Management System

The general landscape in the physical environment of your IoT device is scanned by the IoT device and information about the results of this scan is presented to you in detail. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to detect security-related situations automatically without any instruction.

Blockchain Integration

Popular with its decentralized structure and anonymous transaction features, the Blockchain system has a highly reliable infrastructure. The Watson platform, offered by IBM, allows you to integrate your own transactions with Blockchain systems for security. Business management will be much more protected when you securely share your IoT activities with specific individuals and parties over the blockchain.

ibm iot security

How Much Money For an Advanced IBM IoT Security?

Advanced Security IoT technologies offered for the complete provision of IBM IoT security may be charged differently than the standard Watson IoT usage package. The new security technologies used within the framework of the Watson IoT Platform Lite Plan provide 100 MB of data, which you can exchange monthly in a highly secure and protected against threats.

Individuals who want to take advantage of the Advanced Security Plan and provide extra protection for their data exchange can do this very easily. Moreover, thanks to IBM’s volume-based pricing policy, you have the chance to make the purchase type according to the volume you need.

  1. For monthly use from 1 MB to 449,999 MB (~ 450GB), you will have to pay $ 0.0013 per MB for security support.
  2. For monthly use from 450,000 MB to 6,999,999 MB (~ 7TB), you will have to pay $ 0.00091 per MB for security support.
  3. You will have to pay $ 0.000182 per MB for security support for your 7,000,000 MB and more data exchange transactions monthly.


End of the All Security Threats: IBM IoT Tech!

The extra advantageous security measures released by IBM IoT Tech can be extremely successful as the IoT devices can overcome many of the security challenges faced in everyday life. So, what are the main security challenges overcome? Let’s look briefly.

End-to-end Solutions

IoT devices generally have limited areas in terms of memory or processing capacity. Therefore, these devices operate in lower energy mode while they are actively working. Encryption-based security software that can protect the operating performance of the system with end-to-end protocols cannot completely cover every data exchange.

The main thing intended by IBM Security technologies is that the data exchange takes place in real-time with high energy, the delay time is almost zero and the entire data exchange process is perfectly protected by performing complex encryption protocols, designed by Watson IoT platform.

Different IoT devices that do not use this technology will become vulnerable to certain security attacks such as side-channel attacks. In order to protect the system from such attacks, it is necessary to separate different network connections of different devices with various firewall options and to protect each one from both and from external threats.

Authenticate Devices

Before the device can be controlled via wireless connection systems, it must absolutely complete the authentication process and establish its own identity. Providing this is the first way to achieve secure IoT device usage.

Watson Platform Authentication

IBM technologies over the Watson Platform offer two-factor authentication (2FA) services, so this process takes place flawlessly. This dual-stage system requires that the strongest and most durable firewalls are always created and protected with the help of strong passwords. This type of firewalls in advance limits which IoT device you designate can communicate with which control panels, which IoT devices or which applications. No activity takes place outside the control.

Security Updates

It is very important to keep track of any updates that come to your device and specially prepared within the scope of security development studies. Using rollback-strategy can be extremely useful to ensure that no updates are skipped.

Thanks to device manager systems, the IBM Watson platform exerts extra force for devices to automatically complete security updates. It also allows rollbacks to be performed in cases where update processes fail.

In addition, it is really important to manage IBM IoT devices, which also have a completely wireless network, with only approved and authorized updates.

To achieve this, device management systems developed by IBM IoT technology ensure that only authorized update protocols access the device. In this way, the device directly rejects any extra changes that can be perceived as a security threat.

Secure Communication

IoT devices must send data to the cloud service, this data must be processed in the cloud service, the communication of iot data from many different devices in the same cloud service must take place on a completely secure ground.

  • In the advanced cloud systems, where millions of data are managed at the same time, IoT data aims to be inaccessible and stored in an encoded way. In this context, secure communication on IBM IoT devices becomes possible.
  • The main difference in the communication security protocol used by IBM is the following: IoT devices generally do not make encryption in the message sending process before the message is transmitted. This is done after the device receives the message.
  • However, during transferring messages to the device or transferring information to the cloud system, the transport encryption system should also be used for the highest security of the IoT devices. With the encrypted messaging networks protected by separate firewalls used for each different device under the name of transport encryption, extra security measures are implemented.
  • In this process, in order to prevent unauthorized intervention to the firewalls through a password, a one-time-password created randomly is used each time. In this way, the security protocol becomes just perfect in the messaging process.

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