How to use IoT Applications and Services of Amazon

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Developing leading technologies in the world of the Internet of Things, Amazon IoT Services continues to deepen its marketing strategies day by day. In this context, it may be useful to understand the systems used by Amazon to manage and develop IoT devices. Amazon IoT devices that we use at home or control for industrial purposes are managed through a cloud system called AWS IoT.

This technology, which Amazon released as open-source, allows users to manage devices via the Alexa app. Hundreds of different brands worldwide design their own products as Alexa-compatible by working on the open-source AWS system.

Amazon Iot Applications

Main Services and Functions of Amazon Iot

Amazon IoT platform provides many services to provide the best IoT experience. Let’s examine these services briefly.

  • Connectivity From Single Point
  • Security Services
  • Controlling and Working with Devices
  • Data Processing Service
  • Voice Data and Command Service
  • Trainings and Certifications

Connectivity From Single Point

Amazon IoT platform offers advanced cloud technology. With this system, which can also be called AWS IoT, you can connect all the devices you use to a single point and manage them. The protocols used by these connections minimize the code footprint.

This allows the delay period to be minimized and the system become more open to development. Protocols such as HTTP and WebSockets are examples that can are used. Also, MQTT is another protocol supported during the transfer process.

Security Services

After connecting your devices, you can also get the service of securing data thanks to Amazon IoT core. AWS uses two basic systems for this: automatic configuration and authentication. Authentication is extremely important to ensure that only authorized people have access to the data. Additional security policies enforce additional precautions at every different step of access.

Controlling and Working with Devices

One of the services provided by Amazon AWS is offering maximum control over the working performance of your devices. You can use different apps and APIs on AWS, allowing them to make changes on your devices.

You can also perform application development work using some extra services such as Lambda, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon Elasticsearch Service. In this context, Amazon offers a highly flexible environment.

Data Processing Service

Data processing imaging and analysis can also be performed via AWS IoT Core. It is possible to view the current status of your device even when there is no internet connection and make adjustments about the device while offline. In this way, the things you set will be activated as soon as the internet connection is available.

Voice Data and Command Service

You can send and receive voice messages while using your device. The data recorded as sound is uploaded to the cloud system or you can give orders to your devices by talking only with the voice commandar system.

To do this, you can use Alexa Voice Service (AVS) Integration. This integration, fully compatible with AWS, provides MQTT-based voicemail transfer.

Trainings and Certifications

The biggest difference of AWS from other IoT platforms is that it has educational content. You can learn how to integrate the system for both your industrial IoT uses and smart home uses for free. Amazon IoT platform teaches you to use IoT technology through simple 10-minute tutorials.

Moreover, you do not have to pay extra for this. In addition to training, certification programs are also within the service of AWS.

Industrial IoT and Smart Home IoT Technologies of Amazon IoT

AWS IoT technology is suitable for both your home appliances and industrial appliances. Amazon also produces industrial and home solutions. Let us give you some information about the basic functions in this scope.

Industrial IoT and Working Example

Industrial IoT technologies used to make industrial control processes simpler and faster, and to increase industrial efficiency, provide multi-dimensional performance.

Millions of data can come to the same cloud from thousands of different devices. All industrial formations of different sizes, from factories to international transportation companies, can use AWS.

AWS IoT Services for Industrial Applications

All of the IoT functions such as maintenance analysis, asset status monitoring, and process optimization are active with the aim of ensuring that your industrial devices are always maximized.

Predictive quality, asset status monitoring, and predictive maintenance provide the system with essential functions.

For example, Volkswagen Group, Pentair and Woodside Energy use industrial AWS IoT technology to manage their transactions from a single point and optimize resource consumption rates.

Why Amazon for Industrial IoT?

Amazon is one of dozens of different IoT platforms that actively serve the world. So why should you prefer Amazon IoT over other alternatives? Let’s look briefly.

  • Dissemination and management functions are fully performed by AWS
  • The data obtained from the devices are stored, analyzed and used.
  • The system can scale and respond to different needs.
  • Functions such as authentication and authorization provide extra security.

Smart Home IoT and Working Example

You can freely manage many devices manufactured for home security, health and practicality through Amazon IoT and achieve excellent results. You can control all devices in the physical world through the virtual world.

Working within the scope of Smart Home IoT technologies, AWS IoT primarily provides home automation. You can schedule your devices over the internet, or you can have devices take automatic action using intelligent systems. Also, thanks to platforms like Amazon Alexa, you can do device controls simply by talking.

How it Works Home Iot

It is possible to provide home security, to receive data continuously from devices such as smoke detectors or water detectors in the house, and to be aware of what is happening around the house with the doorbell or door camera. Amazon IoT services and this platform make it all possible. Amazon works perfectly, especially when it comes to instant data reporting.

There are different connectivity styles that Amazon IoT supports within the framework of the Home Network Management service. It is possible and easy to instantly stream data with a wireless TV connection or wifi connection.

Many companies, such as LG Electronics, iRobot, and Rachio, design and manufacture their smart home technology devices that can be integrated into the Amazon IoT platform. Rachio has reduced development costs by 40 percent thanks to Amazon IoT. LG managed to save production costs thanks to IoT.

Why Amazon for Smart Home IoT?

With Amazon Alexa, you can take advantage of an affordable IoT control system.

  • Thanks to communication systems such as FreeRTOS, you can provide control and security with built-in connections.
  • Some points of connection between end devices and the cloud are also supported offline.
  • New technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence are integrated into IoT by Amazon.
  • Different protocols of the devices do not prevent communication. Amazon IoT supports an extremely comprehensive system.
  • With the help of artificial intelligence technologies, the power of devices to create insight increased. Systems such as AWS IoT Analytics are additionally offered.
  • The security of your data is maximized thanks to additional methods such as key management, certificate authentication and data encryption.

Exploring Amazon Web Services IoT Platform (AWS)

Amazon Web Services IoT Platform is a technology designed to provide the most practical solutions for individuals who use IoT technology in an industrial and private context. You can get maximum efficiency from your IoT devices by using AWS technology, which enables remote control of devices that perform their traditional functions in different parts of the world. So, what are the advantages of AWS technology from other cloud systems in the IoT market?

In short, the advantages of the system can be easily summarized as:

  • 100% comprehensive IoT devices management plan and network
  • Multi-layered security systems
  • Ability to use working models and apps
  • Integrativity with other type of IoT devices

Which Services Provided By Amazon IoT Platform To Users?

There are many services offered by Amazon IoT Platform to users through AWS. You can use these digital services while operating Amazon IoT devices. Software types that work with advanced IoT technology can be listed as follows:

  • Device Software Systems
  • FreeRTOS
  • AWS IoT Greengrass
  • Connection and Control Systems
  • AWS IoT Core
  • AWS IoT Device Defender
  • AWS IoT Device Management
  • Analysis Services
  • AWS IoT Analytics
  • AWS IoT SiteWise
  • AWS IoT Events
  • AWS IoT Things Graph

Device Software Systems

You can connect your IoT devices to the AWS system and manage multiple devices interconnected. So how? Firmware technologies allow this. Here are two different technologies


It is a system that enables the programming and control of devices with low power consumption, which are used at home, in AWS. Microscale controllers can use FreeRTOS without any problems. Devices can be connected and data can be transferred to the different targets.

How it works FreerTos

AWS IoT Greengrass

AWS IoT GreenGlass is preferred by people who use IoT technology in a wider frame. In such systems, all functions such as data caching, management, coding, and machine learning can be provided. This system ensures the security of all your devices that operate on a larger scale.

Connection and Control Systems

Thanks to the technologies produced by, it is possible to control multiple devices at the same time, to transfer information between smart devices, to operate, stop the devices, or to complete the schedule processes for the future performance of the devices. With advanced dual layer security systems, software used by AWS allows you to use your devices safely.

AWS IoT Core

This software system, which enables different devices managed from the same cloud to connect end-to-end, allows you to manage all of these through Alexa.

How does AWS IoT Core work

AWS IoT Device Defender

The configurations covered by your IoT technology devices need to be checked continuously. Continuous supervision is extremely important in these devices working with the wireless system. This defender system ensures that control is maintained without deviating from the specified security protocol.

How does AWS IoT Device Defender work

AWS IoT Device Management

IoT devices should be able to record, transfer, manage, and operate data both on an industrial scale and in personal use. To achieve this, the device management system is used by AWS. The remote control is also provided by this system.

How AWS IoT Device Management works

Analysis Services

Analysis systems should be used to understand whether the devices are performing the specified tasks, to evaluate the recent performance of the devices, and to monitor the operations performed on the devices historically. Analysis systems are used by people and institutions who want to obtain meaningful values ​​by using IoT data especially in business life. In this way, it is possible to obtain faster results from IoT data and to take the necessary actions faster.


AWS IoT Analytics

Advanced analysis tools should be used to perform analyzes in highly complex and loaded data groups, also called Big Data. Complex analyzes can be performed by this software system in the cloud system.

AWS IoT Analytics How to Work

AWS IoT SiteWise

It is necessary to perform scalable data analysis especially to make the devices used within the framework of industrial IoT technology more efficient. Scaling can also be completed very quickly and easily with SiteWise.

AWS IoT SiteWise How It Works

AWS IoT Events

A large number of data streams are provided through IoT devices. Multiple devices and multiple sensors stream data to the cloud system about the features of the system. In this way, it is possible to learn the status of the environment and to activate smart management systems. Versatile analysis of a large number of data from a large number of sensors is thus possible.

AWS IoT Events How it works

AWS IoT Things Graph

It is possible to make synchronous changes on different smart devices and to create new commands by connecting these devices with different IoT applications. In this context, this system can be used quite simply.

Amazon IoT Platform Shakes The IoT Tech World with AWS IoT Core!

When using the Amazon IoT Platform, advanced AWS technology can offer you excellent results in terms of security. As the usage of IoT platforms in everyday life and industrial level became easier thanks to various applications, the supply and demand chain was expanded and re-created.

So what high-level features will you be able to activate when using AWS technology? If you want to use your devices with IoT technology with an advanced cloud system, you can find the answer to why you should choose AWS in this list.

  • High-Tech Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Device Gateway
  • Message Broker
  • Authentication
  • Logbook

High-Tech Software Development Kit (SDK)

The software development kit (SDK) within the AWS IoT system makes it possible to connect a large number of devices to the Amazon system in the fastest way. This software development kit makes it possible for different devices connected to your system to be activated and take orders without delay period.

Different devices produced over the advanced AWS platform will also support protocols such as MQTT, HTTP, or WebSockets. Because AWS has this wide infrastructure. These are the protocols that enable your devices with IoT systems to authenticate while connecting with Amazon technology, pass firewalls, or enable data transfer.

Device Gateway

AWS system, which supports different protocols such as MQTT, WebSockets, and HTTP, can be defined as a kind of transition system. Through this system, it is possible to manage all functions and connections related to the device and to create start commands. It is very important that the data transmission systems are realized instantly and the delay periods are minimized in devices working with IoT technology.

Thanks to this system, the delay time is minimized and long term connections are established. Long-term connections do not break or interrupt at any time. Even someone who is a novice in this field can manage the system very easily. The AWS system, which has an extremely strong infrastructure, can store billions of data from millions of different devices at the same time.

Message Broker

It is extremely important for bidirectional data to flow to take place, both for individuals to submit orders to IoT devices and for information to be sent to individuals from devices.

While managing any device, it is possible to send thousands of different orders to this device at the same time and complete this with one hundred percent security with advanced message protocols. Different messaging methods create great areas to manage billions of connections over IoT devices used for different purposes.


As you know, the state of connecting wirelessly causes a variety of concerns about security among users actively using IoT devices. It is really important to control the IoT devices over a secure cloud system to overcome these concerns.

Thanks to the advanced authentication method, also called SigV4, the AWS system makes it impossible for unsecured users to establish wireless connections with devices. The certificate named X.509 is used by the AWS system during the authentication process.

The authentication process with this certificate can be completed through protocols such as MQTT, HTTP, WebSockets. All of these protocols make the authentication process more secure.

In addition to all these, users who have been certified by the certificate owner, ie the owner of the device, can also login to the system. The purpose of this is to ensure that only approved and trusted users enter the system.


It is extremely important to follow the data of an IoT device regularly and to obtain significant data thanks to the data collected in bulk. This is especially important in industrial IoT technologies and in making sense of data groups called Big Data. Thanks to the Registry System, you will save all the data. In this way, it will be much easier to analyze this data.



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