Oracle IoT Architecture Platform

Oracle, the world’s largest software company after Microsoft, offers innovative solutions with the advanced Oracle IoT Architecture Platform. Acting to transform and improve the business area in the direction of emerging opportunities, demands, or needs, Oracle provides ready-to-use IoT solutions.

IoT technologies offered under Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are scalable and perfectly compatible with Industry 4.0. Aiming to achieve the best results in both industrial IoT use and individual IoT use, Oracle performs all of the following functions through the cloud platform:

  1. Optimizing smart manufacturing functions within the framework of remote control and integration
  2. Ensuring that all vehicles move safely, quickly and systematically by providing support to companies in the field of logistics, performing data collection and analysis in this regard
  3. Determining the areas that need improvement and taking action with optimized data results in the customer service area

Oracle IoT Platform: New Way of Bigger Your Business

There are many digital tools offered within the Oracle IoT platform ecosystem to achieve the above objectives. Here are the most popular of them:

  1. Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud Service: This service, which was created in order to get real-time data about the locations of the vehicles, vehicle status and the current status of the areas where the vehicles are located, makes it possible to guarantee your business and provide maximum profit by making insight based future predictions.
Oracle Iot Cloud
  • This digital product works by integrating all of the tasks and tools in the business scope such as to monitor assets, digital-physical known for assets, predictive maintenance, and enterprise-ready features. You can perform locate assets, get relevant information, and use Leverage Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) within the framework of Track and Locate Assets Instantly service.
  1. Oracle IoT Fleet Monitoring: This service, which is used extensively by companies providing services in the field of transfer and transportation, enables your vehicles to transfer data to you in real-time. You can communicate with the drivers using your vehicles in real-time, you can analyze abnormal situations or get information about driver behavior to ensure vehicle safety.
  • Real-time fleet visibility, digitally transform fleets, Improve Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Predictions, and Integrate with Supply Chain actions are all provided by this digital product from Oracle. For example, you can track where your vehicles are located in real-time within the framework of Gain Real-Time Fleet Visibility service.
  • In addition, you can make tracking easier by visualizing locations instantly based on the map. With Leverage Built-in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), you can get information about the entire process, from fuel information to abnormalities in driver behavior.
  • At the same time, all of the sensors installed on your vehicles are certified to keep all information about your company safe and secure.
  1. Internet of Things Service Monitoring for Differentiated Customer Service: If you want to create the right moves and get the best results based on your customers’ feedback and behavior, you need to perform customer satisfaction optimization. In this context, Oracle IoT offers you a few basic services. Let’s examine these services together.
  • Thanks to the digital transformation of Customer Service, you can take the right proactive actions and achieve good results in a very short time according to your customers’ behavior.
  • Prebuilt Digital Thread for Service Automation: You can integrate the Internet of Things (IoT) into other existing and used support channels to provide a better and more powerful experience.
  • Service-Powered Augmented Reality Experience: You can provide real-time support to individuals working with you to solve their problems.
  • No-Hassle Machine Learning and AI: You can make all your data self-organizing within the framework of the machine learning algorithm and make the optimization works an automatic process. Thanks to user-friendly interfaces, you can perform analytical operations more easily.
Oracle Iot Solutions

Oracle IoT Cloud: A Place Where Everything is Connected

Oracle IoT Cloud can be a perfect solution for your business, collecting data safely from your devices, processing messages and transfers, completing Big Data formation, and enabling you to create accurate models with different analysis methods. All of the following features are available in Oracle IoT Cloud:

  1. Thanks to end-to-end security, messages and data are transmitted directly to the end device or from the end device to the cloud. Meanwhile, encryption methods are used and foreign software is prevented from accessing the message.

Also, thanks to the transport-level security system, any interruption of data flow are prevented. In this way, it becomes possible to reach real-time data with maximum efficiency.

  1. Thanks to Broad IoT Device and Protocol control technology, you will come across a development system that supports different programming languages. In this way, you will use a cloud program that supports Android, C, Java, and Javascript languages. This will allow your movement area to expand when you want to develop.
  2. With additional services such as Oracle Internet of Things Connected Worker Cloud Service and Oracle Internet of Things Service Monitoring for Connected Assets Cloud Service, it will be possible to control and manage your business from a single point.
Oracle Iot Gateway

Oracle IoT Gateway

Oracle IoT gateway makes it different for different devices connected to the cloud to send data to the system. Oracle continues to work on various gateway programs to provide ease of access to devices, data transfer convenience, and more.

Thanks to this technology, devices are not sent to the system directly from the cloud, but through a different private network. It is much more advantageous to send via a private network, rather than transfer from different sources, such as the cloud. Because;

  • This kind of single-source transfer system allows the sensors on the device to operate durable and smoothly for a much longer period of time.
  • In addition, the Oracle IoT gateway system can quickly and successfully connect to the system of many devices over the same network. This means that the delay period is minimized.
  • In addition, this gateway system works as a filter in order to ensure a secure data transfer. Thanks to this filter, users get data quickly and smoothly and get rid of harmful or unnecessary ones.
Oracle Iot Data Management

Oracle IoT Table: Data Management

It will be appropriate to use Oracle IoT Table, because you may need a digital tool to store the data you have obtained through the cloud system in the safest and fastest way, to analyze the data and to process via data.

You can store the data you have, divide it into certain sections, analyze, model, and then visualize the effective actions on behalf of your company or make a presentation about this data. Data management will become much easier thanks to the Oracle IoT Table technology operating in B * Tree structure.

Why Use IoT Table in Oracle?

IoT Table in Oracle is frequently used for the creation and maintenance of index-organized tables. Also, thanks to this system, it is much easier to access primary data and configure this data. Rather than seeing index and table in different structures and trying to integrate them, it will be much easier and more practical to see them together.

Oracle IoT Strategy

Thanks to the Oracle IoT strategy, it is possible to say that both the devices used in the home and the devices used in the workplace give the best performance. In this context, Oracle IoT technologies are developed in a very professional way in order to work in different fields and projects of different scales.

In addition to all convenience and data sharing, it is also the company policy to provide high-level security in all products manufactured within the framework of the Oracle system.

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