Siemens Mindsphere IoT Platform

The Siemens Mindsphere IoT platform offers a solution for companies that have released all the technological equipment produced using the 4.0 vision to have IoT validity. This platform can be used by many companies thanks to its open-source software. Industrial Cloud Platform MindSphere is a system where companies can transfer and keep their data at a low cost.

In order to ensure maximum efficiency in industrial IoT uses, Siemens offers a large number of optimization services. The data analyzed and modeled within the framework of the big data obtained from the sensors of the devices with IoT technology enables the optimization of work-related activities in a short time.

This type of system can be applied to take actions that will optimize the performance of the workplace and minimize expenses in the field of;

  • Performance
  • Energy
  • Resource consumption
  • Maintenance
  • Service

One of the most important factors that make the Siemens system really liked by the IoT world is simulation technology. Customers can play simulations at the end of their analysis and modeling studies using real-time data.

These simulations ensure the best results in identifying existing risks and completing future plans. Siemens Mindsphere IoT platform, which provides advanced cloud technology to its users by using Software As A Service (SaaS) system, performs many tasks with advanced digital tools.

Siemens IoT Platform: New Way of Business IoT

What does Siemens IoT Platform provide for workplaces? Here are the basic functions!

Thanks to Software As A Service (SaaS), all of the following functions are provided by Siemens:

Edge Cloud
  • You can connect all devices to the basic cloud system and send all the data from different devices to the same point.
  • After gathering the data you collect in real-time, you can analyze it with advanced analysis tools. You can model your analysis reports to get the best results at work. When making presentations, predictions, or managing data, you make analysis and data useful for you thanks to such systems.
  • Your main goal should be to increase efficiency in your workplace and minimize your expenses. IoT technologies contribute exactly to this point. Thanks to IoT technologies, you learn how to manage your future expenses at your workplace and gain the ability to make insight. It works easily and offers the best results thanks to its advanced intelligent systems.
  • You can integrate new apps into the system, develop apps, or create apps within the system and start using them right away to manage your data and make transactions easier. In this way, you get all the needs of your workplace with the scalability feature.

MindSphere: an app in 20 minutes

Siemens IoT Gateway: An Ecosystem For Every Data

Thanks to the Siemens IoT Gateway system, an excellent ecosystem will be presented to users for both developers and creators. In this way, you will be able to achieve perfect compatible results between your IT and operations. In addition, you can bring all your devices together in a scalable way in the Siemens IoT ecosystem.

  • Thanks to the IoT platform, which has a completely open-source system, both developers and makers will be able to take their projects to the top level by taking advantage of digital tools.
  • Not only developers and makers, but also users and customers will easily take advantage of the system. For example, there are many APIs and services available as Ready-to-use in the platform. These digital tools guarantee the best results for all workplaces.
  • Integration capacity is extremely important for an IoT platform. Siemens IoT platform works perfectly and integrates with different infrastructures such as AWS, Azure & Alibaba.
  • The Siemens IoT platform, which provides a community system where both developers and other customers can communicate with each other and produce common solutions, is highly functional.

Siemens IoT Strategy: Way To Integrating All Your Business

Siemens IoT Strategy aims to provide insight by using the evolving intelligence system in IoT. Thanks to this strategy, insight will ensure you get the maximum efficiency at your workplace. So how is this insight system and intelligence system provided? Here are the most trendy application systems that can provide them!

  • Manage My Machine
  • Product Intelligence
  • Visual Analyzer

Manage My Machine

This app, released by the Siemens IoT platform, adds and processes critical data to the system. In this way, it will be extremely easy to gain insight in an analytical manner and to develop studies within the framework of these insights.

In addition, this app is used to plan resources used in the workplace, perform resource consumption analysis, and optimize resource deployment.

Product Intelligence

Data from each device combines and creates big data. This big data created activates actionable intelligence. This is how each data is delivered to its source within the frame of a certain chain.

Visual Analyzer

It is always useful for you to view your data easily and visualize the data you view. Such processes are useful both in the presentations you make for your business and in the optimization studies, you make in order for the data to be more useful.

The Visual Analyzer system, which is used frequently by the shipping companies within the Fleet Manager system, allows you to freely follow your devices. For example, if you manage a shipping company, all of your vehicles can be viewed on the system with visualization technology.

Siemens IoT Products: Best Solutions for IoT Devices

Within the framework of industrial IoT technology, a large number of products that enable users to manage their own systems freely are presented in the Siemens IoT Products category. The first of these is called SIMATIC IOT2000. Let’s see 4 main products developed by Siemens IoT platform.




This product provides an intelligent interface and allows many of your devices to come together with each other, such as the IT system and cloud system. All of your devices manufactured under the Industri 4.0 can work in harmony with this device.


You can benefit from both affordable and highly economical solutions for the new digital dimensions that you will create for your devices in your workplace. It may be a good idea to use this product developed by Siemens.


You can complete your work more easily by using Industrial IoT applications. But to do this, the roof platform you use must be truly reliable, scalable, and open source. Here is one of the best ways to create this platform will be SIMATIC IOT2040.


If you want to use a tool in the field of education related to open source Siemens technologies, you can use the SIMATIC IOT2020 product. Thanks to the system that offers 24/7 operation freedom, you will have PCIe- and Arduino Uno R3-compatible interface.

In addition, a database system called Yocto V2.x that runs on a Linux system basis will be extremely advantageous for you.

Mindsphere Iot Supported Industries

MindSphere IoT: More Tech, More Business

Thanks to the products developed and used by the MindSphere IoT platform, every sector working within Industry 4.0 will be able to optimize their own processes and expenses. You can get perfect solutions by using the IoT system in many fields from computer science to civil engineering, from Robotics to Mechatronics.

In addition, you can increase the efficiency by using the IoT2000 product used in education systems both in Community colleges and in places such as in-house vocational training departments.

Additionally, Siemens offers IoT Development Training for MindSphere. Thanks to these training systems, users will be able to get training on many topics, especially MindSphere RESTful API. It is offered to you by the Siemens platform to achieve the best results with a few days of courses.

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