The Amazon Way on IoT: How Alexa Change the Marketing?

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Founded in 1994 and following the latest technology since the first period, Amazon Alexa Iot has accomplished an innovative breakthrough in the Internet of Things technology with an app., along with Alexa, allows you to direct all of the smart devices in your home or office with a voice command system. While the voice command feature makes Alexa privileged, being able to command many devices on the same platform reshapes the general technological backgrounds of the human places.

How Can Amazon Alexa IoT Becoma a Pioneeer?

The reason Amazon Alexa IoT can be a pioneer in the Internet of Things sector is that it constantly renews itself. Alexa is a highly advanced system that has now reached a sound-based home helper level. The principle of operation of the Alexa system, which can control all the devices working within the framework of the smart home technology, is as follows:

  • You can send voice commands or transfer voice data via Alexa App.
  • Alexa analyzes and understands your speech.
  • Also, the given voice commands are converted to JSON intents so that they can be understood.
  • The transformed data is transferred to the Cloud system in this way.
  • All data is gathered and stored in the Cloud system.
  • When a new command is given, the information is sent to the smart device via Cloud.
  • The information coming to the cloud system is transferred to the CoAp system.
  • The IoT device and Cloud continue to transfer data to each other without interruption via wifi.
  • Data can be sent to different devices in the home via the CoApp system: from devices that provide illumination to the refrigerator.
Amazon Cloud Services
Alexa Becom Pioneeer

Learn the Secret of Amazon Aws IoT Software

Nowadays, Amazon Aws iot technology is used by to enable the devices produced with IoT technology to display the best and synchronous working performance. Devices with IoT technology can be used in homes, industrial production processes, or for more macro purposes such as urban planning.

In this case, it is extremely important that these devices can receive commands instantly and quickly when they need to work and give results in a synchronized manner. Amazon also uses the AWS Cloud Platform to manage devices with IoT technology via Alexa.

While accessing smart devices via the user mobile app, the Alexa system processes the information via Amazon Aws IoT. The process proceeds as follows:

  • Information from the device enters Cloud Front as data.
  • The information coming to Cloud Front is detected by gateways.
  • Input process is performed and device is defined and access is provided.
  • The features of this cloud technology are: reliable, innovative, and support multi-device control.
  • The message created in the AWS cloud system continues through various stages and reaches the end device. The stages in order are as follows:
  • CloudFront
  • Gateway
  • Rest APIs Node
  • IoT Shadow
  • AWS IoT
  • MQTT
  • New commands can be created even when the devices are not connected to the system via wifi.
  • Different digital tools can be used for exlusive functions when managing devices. For example, some can be listed as follows:
  • Amazon Kinesis
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon SageMaker
  • Amazon DynamoDB

How Does Amazon Aws IoT Work: The Logic Behind Cloud System

So, it is time to learn how Amazon AWS IoT works. The AWS IoT Core system allows you to connect and manage thousands of different devices at the same time. Working with Amazon AWS IoT, MQTT supports all of the following functions:

  • Minimizing code footprint on devices
  • Reducing the need for network bands and thus providing a more practical use
  • Support of other industrial systems and special protocols
  • Devices connected to the same AWS system can stay in touch with each other
Thanks to all of the above features, the order results become very rapid when ordering IoT devices via Alexa. In addition, the AWS system takes the following steps to direct the order and reflect it on the system:
  • The AWS system establishes a secure connection with new and existing devices.
  • In the AWS system, your voice commands are transferred to the device, and the voice data comes from the device to the cloud.
  • The MQTT protocol is used when transferring voice data.
  • Thanks to MQTT, all of the basic advantages described above are provided.

Why Choose Amazon Aws IoT?

Why Choose Amazon Aws IoT

Why should those who want to use a global cloud system choose Amazon AWS IoT? What are the differences in this platform from others? Bringing Amazon as a perfect spot in its marketing strategy, what does Amazon do, unlike other firms and innovative project managers?

  • Low latency data transfer
  • High data transfer rate
  • Redundant network communication option
  • Thousands of different accessibility areas connected worldwide
  • Startups and corporate customers, as well as many customers in the public domain
  • An advanced pay-as-you-go payment system.
  • More than 175 different virtual products offered to provide everything expected from cloud technology
  • A global infrastructure system with reliable, robust and unlimited features
  • Control system that can be used quickly and easily without the need for experience
  • More than 13 years of cloud technology experience
  • Protocol operating within a total of 90 different security standards
  • Option to create an extra firewall with data encryption
  • Best price-performance ratio

All of the above features show why Alexa, who has been extremely successful in managing devices with IoT technology with advanced cloud technology, provides such high performance in marketing.

Amazon IoT Platform

So, thanks to which features do Amazon IoT platform succeed in the marketing process? Here are the main advantages of Alexa, which provides the voice command system for all smart devices and achieves this with excellent savings in terms of specifications:

Amazon Alexa Connected Devices
  • Echo Invention
  • Alexa
  • Open-System Approach
  • Marketing Statistics

Echo Invention

First of all, with the excellent invention called Echo, created IoT devices that could detect about a thousand different orders with voice. This invention was a highly innovative development with ease of use and was completed in 2011.


In 2014, Alexa, which covers all the features of the Echo and more, went into service. found that Amazon Prime members’ annual shopping costs are $ 1100 per year, while those who are not members of Amazon do shopping $ 600 annually. This was directly the success of Alexa because Alexa provided users with the ability to quickly connect to the system while purchasing new products and facilitated ordering.

Open-System Approach

Open-System Approach is another popular feature of the Amazon IoT platform. While switching from Echo to Alexa, Amazon chose to use an open system. So what did this provide? Thousands of different brands produced their own products in line with Alexa. Thanks to this, Alexa has become an indirect provider of the industry indirectly. Brands were producing their own products within a system that works with Alexa’s voice commands. This caused Alexa’s domain to improve.

Marketing Statistics

Compared to the previous years, statistics of the purchase of vehicles working with Alexa technology on Amazon managed to increase from 50 percent to 80 percent. This shows the global importance of giving importance to IoT technology in marketing.

Amazon, which has kept pace with different technological models since the past and is the pioneer of the most advanced technologies of the age, also successfully applies IoT technology.

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