ThingWorx IoT Platform

You can use the ThingWorx IoT Platform to store and process the data you gather from your different devices and integrate them with the help of sensors. Thanks to this platform, you can perform the data process completely in real-time.

Moreover, having a flexible working model, ThingWork enables different modules or processes developed as user-defined to be used on the system.

This function maximizes the function of the scalability. The management system within the ThingWorx platform and all of the different devices connected to this management system can communicate with each other in a bi-directional way. Since data transmission is provided in two ways, it is possible to obtain the most healthy results.

Let’s briefly examine the main features of the ThingWorx IoT Platform.

  • Thanks to the systems developed for sensors data, there are safe modules on this platform for storage operations. Moreover, different protocols are used in the transfer process of the data coming from the sensors. These protocols ensure that the recorded data is stored in a very safe way and used when necessary.
  • Thanks to the IP protocol system, it is possible to transmit data between different devices. The fact that firewalling systems are determined separately for each case is one of the most important features of the flexible system.
  • In devices with IoT technology, data storage is provided over Aalto’s datacenter. This platform can be an excellent tool especially for Industrial IoT thanks to its extra security features and encrypted structure.
  • It is possible to control the entire system through a single point. In this way, business management, executive functioning, and control management operations are carried out smoothly.

Aiming to achieve successful results in the field of Industrial IoT in general, IoT systems should identify a purpose-built strategy. In this way, each platform creates a base for the development of features that can perform the necessary operations in the industry in which it is used.

You can use a system with a fast, reliable, and simple interface to transfer your business to a digital platform and start a new era by controlling your workers and production process immediately.

IoT system, which provides resource management and distribution management especially in the Manufacturing and Service areas, can enable you to maximize your control over your company in a short time.

ThingWorx IoT: Main Functions For Enhancing Your Business Activity

The functions you can use when working with ThingWorx IoT can be listed as follows:

  • ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps
  • ThingWorx Service Apps

ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps

With real-time agility, it is possible for your workers to get instant information about the general situation of the business, to communicate with each other, to have information about the possibilities in industrial processes.

In particular, the prediction of industrial conditions is extremely important both for employees to prepare themselves for future situations and for managers to make the right decisions.

Thanks to the range of role-based and data-powered apps, it is possible to perform transactions quickly and easily and to get the maximum efficiency from the production processes.

ThingWorx Service Apps

Wouldn’t you like to be able to prevent problems that may occur during the service process even if you are away, and to get information about possible problems and provide precautions?

ThingWorx IoT service apps technology that provides real-time data transfer provides exactly that. Moreover, it is possible for the developers to make the service scope more impressive and efficient by using new digital tools.

Thingworx Iot Platform

Different Functions of ThingWorx

Here are the main functions offered by ThingWorx IoT platform:

  • ThingWorx Building Function
  • ThingWorx Connect Function
  • ThingWorx Experience Function

ThingWorx Building Function

The built and development processes of tertiary applications that can be used to drive data are supported by the system. In addition, you can use additional data systems to enrich the data you have. For example, a 3D Geometry system is given as an example on Thodex’s official website.

ThingWorx Connect Function

Thanks to applications in different fields such as CRM and ERP used within the ThingWorx system, you will be able to easily connect many devices to each other and to the cloud system. Moreover, it is possible to provide accurate reports by checking whether IT and IoT systems are working exactly as planned.

ThingWorx Experience Function

Tools from different devices and also from media systems that help you to provide high functioning data analysis are available in ThingWorx. Especially thanks to seamless AR support technology, your workers will work more and more efficiently than before, and your products will be produced faster.

Are There Any Limits For ThingWorx IoT System?

The ThingWorx IoT system aims to perform data transfer in an extremely easy and fast way, by minimizing the delay period. Accordingly, millions of data are processed, stored, and analyzed simultaneously. To achieve this, a strong database is needed.

In the ThingWorx IoT system, users can connect up to 7500 devices. Therefore, this number may not be sufficient for large international companies.


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